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Facts About Emu Oil Australia

Australian aborigines were the first to discover the healing properties of emu fat.

And according to legends, for centuries, the natives emu fat was a means for all occasions. It was universal – they treated absolutely everything: fresh wounds, burns, insect bites, pain in the joints, skin diseases.

Emu Oil Australia is a natural and effective moisturizer that promotes skin regeneration, has a high biological activity, and has a healing and rejuvenating effect. It is a highly concentrated preparation obtained by extraction and fractionation. Quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy residue.

Emu Oil Australia is also an effective remedy for problematic skin. As a rule, one of the main disadvantages of any fat-containing skincare cosmetics is its ability to clog pores, which leads to the formation of acne.Emu Oil Australia does not clog pores and, accordingly, does not cause the formation of acne.

Well suited for dry skin, providing hydration throughout the day, making it an ideal tool in a cosmetic skin care line.

Recommended as a lightweight sunscreen. Works well when used together with other cosmetics.

It reduces irritation and inflammation of the skin with eczema. Patients with eczema often suffer from intolerance to cosmetics. The vast majority of moisturizers increase skin irritation. Emu Oil Australia not only does not irritate the skin of eczema, but also eases their condition.

Significantly improves the condition of injuries, scuffs and bedsores.

Relieves muscle strain and pain associated with sports loads, subject to massage with the use of before and after exercise.

An important property of emu fat is the ability to inhibit the proliferation of bacteria. It suppresses the inflammatory processes in arthritis.

Promotes regeneration and healing of the skin. Emu fat can be applied to wounds in the early epithelialization stage. Reduces itching. It can be used in the complex for the correction of postoperative and post-traumatic scars, smoothing keloid scars, accelerating wound epithelialization. It is noted that when using emu fat, the healing of burn wounds is more intense.

Positive results have been obtained with the use of this agent in case of partial loss of hair due to various factors.

Proved benefits:

No side effects.

Emu Oil Australia does not contain allergens, is odorless and is very economical to use.

It is well combined with other cosmetics, does not contain allergens, has no smell and is very economical to use.

This American Company is Combining the Benefits of MCT and CBD Oil, and the Results are Amazing!

While MCT oil has been used by nutriologists for decades to treat a wide range of conditions, the ever-changing legal situation of cannabidiol and a lack of public awareness have undermined the ability to further explore the potential benefits of CBD. However, with recent changes such as the passing of the United States Farm Bill, this component of hemp has been legalized at a federal level. Now, both companies and consumers can explore the components of cannabidiol freely.

Among these businesses promoting research and creating innovative products, Diamond CBD is renowned for its clean growth methods and careful selection processes. The company’s CBD MCT oils have been praised by hundreds of customers across the United States for their effectiveness in relieving pain and providing a general sense of well-being and relaxation.

How to Create Premium CBD Products

Diamond CBD’s high-quality cannabidiol begins with 100% industrial hemp plants grown in certified organic farms within the United States. This hemp is then carefully selected, and only those strains with the best cannabinoid and terpene profiles make it through to the extraction process. Then, a clean C02 method is used to isolate the cannabidiol without using any artificial ingredients, harmful chemicals, heats or additives. This ensures that the final product contains all the beneficial properties of hemp and is effective in dealing with all kinds of health conditions.

On the other hand, Diamond CBD uses middle-chain triglycerides extracted from organic coconut oil. This substance is isolated through a process called fragmentation, which requires heating the coconut oil to different temperatures, separating each component according to its different boiling point. The final MCT oil contains caproic, caprylic and capric acids; these are the only substances that can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream without having to pass through the digestive system.

Once both extracts are ready, Diamond CBD mixes them according to the specific concentrations of cannabidiol required for each product. As hemp extracts have a naturally bitter and earthy taste, these tinctures can be infused with essential oils from plants such as peppermint, which improve their flavor and provide additional health benefits on their own.

Diamond CBD’s MCT-infused tinctures come in more than 15 presentations with different cannabidiol concentrations and flavor profiles. Their “Daily Boost” CBD oil comes in an easy-to-use syringe which is optimal for sublingual administration and an easier dosage.

What Happens when CBD and MCT are Combined?

The main reason for companies to use MCT oil on CBD tinctures is the increased bioavailability that results from it. MCT oil is known to have one of the best absorption rates in the world, skipping the digestive system altogether and travelling directly to the circulatory system to deliver its effects almost immediately. When it is combined with cannabidiol, both substances take advantage of this easy absorption and cannabidiol enters the bloodstream without any obstacles.

Furthermore, CBD and MCT share certain properties that make them the perfect combination to treat conditions such as chronic pain and inflammation. MCT oil has been used for decades by athletes for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. CBD is quickly becoming one of the most popular natural painkillers in the market, as it is able to balance the endocannabinoid system and deal with the root causes of inflammation and pain.

Cannabidiol and middle-chain triglycerides are not only effective in treating body aches, but also a wide range of neurological diseases. CBD has shown promising results in scientific tests carried out to evaluate its effectiveness in dealing with the root causes of depression, while MCT oil’s antioxidant characteristics make it an ideal complement to protect your mental health. Regular users of MCT-infused CBD tinctures report feeling calm, relaxation and a general sense of wellbeing within minutes of taking their daily dose of both extracts.

Finally, cannabidiol and middle-chain triglycerides are able to work together and provide your body with a boost of energy to help you feel great throughout the day. These substances regulate the blood sugar and improve the brain function, making it easy for the body to feel naturally healthy.

How Should I Consume MCT-CBD Oils?

All Diamond CBD MCT-infused tinctures are recommended to be taken sublingually. The tissues under your tongue are the best absorbing agents in the body, easily taking in all the components of middle-chain triglycerides and sending them throughout the entire bloodstream. Simply take a few drops under your tongue, keep them for a couple of minutes and swallow the rest.

If the taste of raw hemp is not your favorite, we would recommend you purchase the honey-flavored CBD oil. This extract is made with all-natural ingredients that make it easy to consume the tincture without any bitter aftertaste.

While less recommended, there are also alternative ways to consume both MCT oil and cannabidiol. Middle-chain triglycerides are offered by several companies as additives which can be mixed in your morning coffee or any drink, while CBD edibles are widely available in the market. MCT-infused CBD oils can also be added to your favorite meal or drink and, while their effects will take longer to occur, they will be just as effective as sublingual tinctures.

Is it Legal to Purchase Diamond CBD’s Products?

Yes, it is! Diamond CBD carries out third-party laboratory tests on all its products before they leave their facilities to ensure that they all have THC levels below the 0.3% federal limit. The newly-passed Farm Bill uses this threshold to determine which hemp-derived products are non-psychoactive and can be sold and consumed legally across the entire territory of the United States.

Apart from being on the safe side of the law, this third-party lab testing allows customers to make sure they are always consuming CBD products of the best quality. The results of each batch are made publicly available on the company´s website, making it easy for anyone to know exactly what he or she is ingesting. The result is a “Customer Review” section full of positive feedback from hundreds of satisfied users.