Alphagan and blood pressure

Our eyes constantly forms and drains out some fluid. If the fluid formed by our eyes does not drain out properly, the pressure inside our eyes increases. This condition is treated by applying brimonidine which works by reducing the rate at which the fluid is formed and increasing the rate at which it is drained. Brimonidine comes in two main forms. That is Alphagan 0.2% and Alphagan P 0.15%.. Alphagan P may interact with other medications used to cure high blood pressure.

Alphagan Ophthalmic solution

This is an anti-glaucoma medication used for open-angle glaucoma treatment or treating hyper glaucoma (high pressure inside an eye). The generic Alphagan P is the brimonidine tartrate solution/drops: ophthalmic. Every single ML of ophthalmic solution contains brimonidine tartrate 1.5mg. Alphagan ophthalmic solution also contains non medicinal ingredients like boric acid, purified water with hydrochloric acid and sodium chloride to adjust PH, stabilized oxychloro complex as a preservative, sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride dihydrate and sodium carboxymethyl cellulose.

Alphagan ophthalmic solution interactions

Alphagan solution interaction is the effect of a drug on the body especially when the drug is taken together with another drug. Drug interaction can either delay, decrease or enhance absorption of one of the drugs that have been taken together, thus increasing or decreasing its effectiveness. However, an interaction between two drugs does not always mean discontinuation of taking one of them. This makes it important to speak to your doctor about any drug you could be taking to determine management. In such a case, circumstances can lead the doctor telling you to discontinue use of one of the drugs, continue with both, Change how you take one of the drugs or change one of the drugs to another.

Alphagan is known to interact with approximately 778 drugs. The main classifications of drugs that can interact with it are albuterol, Aspirin, Alcohol, Cosopt, Dorzolamide, Gabapentin, Levothyroxine, lipitor, Lisinopril, Metformin, simvastatin, Tramadol, Vitamin D3 among others. Alphagan interaction can be classified into major, moderate, minor or unknown interactions.

Alphagan Ophthalmic solution for glaucoma treatment

Alphagan eye drops treats glaucoma by reducing the rate at which fluid forms in our eyes and increases the rate at which it is drained away. The doctor prescribes one drop of the Alphagan eye drops into the affected eye, three times per day. However, the dose may be affected by other factors like the body weight, medical conditions and other medication that one could be taking. It is important to use this medication as prescribed by you doctor and in case you miss dose, apply it as soon as you recall as long as it is not during a time that is close to when you apply the next dosage.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that you should not take Alphagan dosage without directions from the doctor. This is because there has to be examination which helps to determine whether the medicine is right for you or not. Again,inform your Doctor of any condition you may have like allergies, breast feeding among others and once handed the drug,strictly follow medical advice.

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