Can You Buy Medicinal Marijuana Legally From a New Brunswick Seed Bank?

Before you go to a New Brunswick seed bank, you need to know many facts about how can marijuana help you medically and if the laws in Canada even allow the sale of marijuana.

Marijuana has been used for medical purposes for about 3000 years now. While it has always been in the limelight for all the wrong recreational reasons, amongst the cannabis industry it is known for its medical characteristics. Many studies point towards marijuana replacing many pharmaceutical medications. There are quite a lot of ailments for which marijuana can be prescribed to give relief to the patients. People suffering from life threatening diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, chronic pain and people living  asthma, arthritis and even HIV/AIDS can feel a lot of relief after inhaling marijuana. If they suffer from loss of appetite, weight loss become of chemotherapy sessions and drowsiness, to name a few, cannabis can really help them. It can reduce pain levels, increase appetite and as a result increase body weight. However, with the upsides comes downsides as well. Marijuana may have many positives but there are negative side effects to inhaling it as well. It can cause anxiety, drowsiness, and increase in heartbeat, red eyes and dry mouth. That is why marijuana is not legal in the entire world. When inhaled in excess, there are chances of loss of life. People die every day from overdosing. However, many people get to live a better life because of marijuana. Only use medicinal marijuana after consulting with your doctor and trying other medicines. If nothing works, only then a person should rely on cannabis to feel better. Studies show that it has increased the quality of life by 45% in the people suffering from chronic pain because of marijuana. In some states in the USA, even the sale of opioids have decreased by approximately 60%.

When it comes to Canada, running a federally approved seed bank in New Brunswick and other states has been legal since 1999 for medicinal purposes only. While there are many restrictions around using them, it is legal to produce cannabis and even sell them online. It may be tricky to just go and buy them in a store, so it is better to look for a seed bank in New Brunswick or anywhere you live in Canada instead of finding somewhere you can go and buy it. For those who do not know, a seed bank is an online portal from where you can order cannabis seeds of your choice and grow them at your own place. You have to follow many rules if you end up going to a New Brunswick seed bank.

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