Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy

Being well in one’s body and in one’s head is not so complicated. All you need is a little sport, a green diet and a breath of fresh air. Quickly, follow the 100% detox Healthy dosage program worthy of the Olympic athletes.

A living diet

Rest assured, it’s not about eating insects and other weird plants. The live diet consists of sprouted seeds, micro-algae (chlorella and spirulina), oleaginous fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables (preferably to be eaten raw), garlic, grass juice, ginger and lacto-fermented drinks. Why is it good for the body? These foods are rich in enzymes, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants but low in calories. They help to keep the line and beautify the complexion.

A sports activity

Yes, but not just any whether you want to get rid of cellulite, improve your immune system or relieve your back pain, you choose the right sport.

The aqua-biking, formidable against cellulite:

Tapered legs, we all dream. And this is not impossible thanks to this discipline. When pedaling in the water, the silhouette is refined and thighs are muscular. The movement of water masses the legs and thus effectively combats the water retention responsible for cellulite. Without suffering too much, we get a nice silhouette. And casually, a session is 300 to 500 kcal eliminated.

Jogging, to boost our immune system:

To keep fit, running is the easiest way. Put on sneakers 3 times a week and run 30 to 45 minutes depending on the possibilities of each. The key is loss of fat, improvement of blood circulation and stimulation of the immune system. Jogging also keeps a good cholesterol level.

Swimming, good for the back:

Beneficial for the whole body, swimming works both the lower and upper limbs. Immersion in water removes 80% of our weight thus relieving back pain. Also effective against traffic disorders, this discipline is ideal for those with heavy legs. The movement of the water performs a lymphatic massage on the legs. In summer, you can swim in the sea for a daily swimming session.

Eliminate toxins

To Purify your body, it is better to have some tips at hand.

After the sport, illico shower:

After a good workout, go direct in the shower without waiting.Sweating that is removed during exercise is full of toxins. It is therefore necessary to unclog the pores as soon as possible, at the risk of seeing nasty pimples appear.

Tobacco, to be avoided:

It is well known, tobacco is bad for health. And there is no point in adopting a detox lifestyle if you cannot do without it. No need to list all its misdeeds, but remember that a cigarette is more than 40 carcinogens. This a good reason to stop no. If you do not do it alone, you’ll need a doctor or a tobacco expert.

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